Assistance and strategy with Cyber, Supply Chain, and Operational Risk.

Are you ready?

Business environments are becoming increasingly complex. Technology will continue to influence how a business operates, and how it services the customers that make it a going concern. The Technology and Risk Advisory group have teams that work with your business to manage the strategy surrounding cyber security, information technology, supply chain and operational risk. Technology can provide new opportunities that add significant value to your business – but preparing to meet the demands ensures your business is secure and ready for change.

IT Operational Assessment

Operational Assessments are powerful tools that allow an organization to fully understand how well their business technology and services are supporting their goals.

IT Risk Assessment

Developing a clear understanding  of the current technical risks associated with your business operation can highlight issues which may cause business interruption, or damage to brand/credibility.

Strategic Planning

Define and align your technical  and business goals to ensure your resources and technology are ready for the future.

Technology Portfolio

Gain a clear understanding of the business technology that is operating and influencing your business.

Project Management

Technical change within organizations is always a challenge. Ensuring business transformation projects remain on time, and true to the original goals requires dedicated efforts.

Virtual CTO

An Executive service that provides company leaders with trusted advice on technology, security and strategy to ensure business goals are achieved.

Business Continuity

Maximize the resilience of your business to manage sudden change or crisis through effective planning and technology management.

Technology and Risk Advisory Contacts:

Paul Schmidt

CPA, CA, CITP, Information Technology


Phone: 604-691-6826

Killian Ruby
Partner, CPA, CA, I.A.C.T,
Audit and Accounting


Phone: 604-691-6881

Vaclav Vincalek

Managing Director,
Technology & Advisory Services


Phone: 778-945-2996