With layers of enterprise security solutions and user education, for some organizations ensuring that their security measures are successful remains elusive. Penetration testing take vulnerability analysis to the next level by attempting to detects security gaps before a malicious actor can.

The TaRA group security team helps to uncover critical and exploitable vulnerabilities in your existing technology, people and processes.  Penetration tests includes methods and goals which are more advanced than standard automated vulnerability scanning.  The TaRA group can offer detailed guidance for addressing weaknesses, closing pathways of attack, minimizing  attack surface and other strategies aimed at  reducing risk. Our penetration testing services can help maintain compliance with testing requirements and standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Examples of penetration testing activities include:

  • Security Breach simulation:  The security team will attempt to create an actual (but non-destructive) breach by simulating the actions of attackers, using subterfuge and destruction to identify points of weakness, access business data and exploit your critical systems.
  • Risk validation: To validate real-world risk of a particular attack scenario,  testing experts will attempt to breach security controls within the organization using a broad range of techniques and tools.  Successful exploits are further investigated for lateral opportunities. 
  • Security controls validation:  The process of validating stated policies, procedures, infrastructure implementations and security controls from the perspective of a malicious actor.
  • Vulnerability management: Discovered issues are categorized and assigned risk classifications and threat values to provide actionable knowledge of each issue and its impact on your business. 

Technology and Risk Advisory Contacts:

Paul Schmidt

CPA, CA, CITP, Information Technology

Email: pschmidt@wm.ca

Phone: 604-691-6826

Killian Ruby
Partner, CPA, CA, I.A.C.T,
Audit and Accounting

Email: kruby@wm.ca

Phone: 604-691-6881

Vaclav Vincalek

Managing Director,
Technology & Advisory Services

Email: vvincalek@wm.ca

Phone: 778-945-2996