About the Technology & Risk Advisory Group

Business risk management is a critical component of most organizations’ business strategy and operations today.

As technology continues to evolve at a frenetic pace, from cloud computing to mobile apps, some organizations are finding it a challenge to remain competitive. The rapid rate of change can expose your organization to a multitude of business risks.

With a range of specialized technology and risk advisory services, Wolrige Mahon’s Technology & Risk Advisory Group can help you  maintain business continuity and the integrity of your technology environment. Our highly qualified advisors possess the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver services that help you meet your business objectives.

Take the lead on cyber security and risk management:


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Technical Defense



Vendor Security

Technology and Risk Advisory Contacts:

Paul Schmidt

CPA, CA, CITP, Information Technology

Email: pschmidt@wm.ca

Phone: 604-691-6826

Killian Ruby
Partner, CPA, CA, I.A.C.T,
Audit and Accounting

Email: kruby@wm.ca

Phone: 604-691-6881

Vaclav Vincalek

Managing Director,
Technology & Advisory Services

Email: vvincalek@wm.ca

Phone: 778-945-2996

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