Enterprise Data Security Strategy is a roadmap for your organization to improve business processes while reducing data loss and down time.

“When” not “if” describes the timeline for occurence of security issues when it comes to data.  Ensuring there’s thoughtful strategy in place that aligns  both business and operational goals is becoming increasingly important in modern enterprise level planning.

These days, business are required to extend their data across all business units, customers, suppliers and regulatory agencies. Even groups often considered outside the sphere of your organization, now need to be within it which means that perimeter defense and challenge passwords are no longer sufficient.  Fully understanding data use, operation and access becomes mandatory along with ensuring that your users, suppliers and customers get access to data when they need it,  and ensuring they access nothing that they don’t need.

Developing a data security strategy is a complex and potentially time consuming task, which is why the TaRA group has proven methods to ensure a business can get started immediately and learn to develop their data security goals and strategy over time.

What is the maturity level of your organization's security?


Technology and Risk Advisory Contacts:

Paul Schmidt

CPA, CA, CITP, Information Technology

Email: pschmidt@wm.ca

Phone: 604-691-6826

Killian Ruby
Partner, CPA, CA, I.A.C.T,
Audit and Accounting

Email: kruby@wm.ca

Phone: 604-691-6881

Vaclav Vincalek

Managing Director,
Technology & Advisory Services

Email: vvincalek@wm.ca

Phone: 778-945-2996

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